Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book - The Hamburger Story of Investing
Author - Warren Thompson, Jr.
(Now available at

What is The Hamburger Story and why did I
write this book? I wrote this book, "The
Hamburger Story of investing", to help the
new and inexperienced investor better
understand growth stock investing by way of
an easy to read story about a hamburger
restaurant started by three entrepreneurs.

The Hamburger Story started as part of a
presentation I have done for many years to
investment ctubs and less formal groups. The
presentation was so popular and effective in
delivering it's message that I decided to
formulate it into book form.

The Story's basic message is that stock
investing can be profitable and easily
understood if you just remind yourself, and
keep at the heart of your investing strategy,
that when you buy shares of stock that you are
buying ownership in a business. And in that
pursuit, you should always strive to buy stocks,
or businesses showing characteristics of growth.

The hamburger story's ultimate goal is to convey,
in simple terms how to identify growth companies
and growth stock investment opportunities. I invite
you to re-read this book occasionally to help in the
formulation of your growth stock investment

In closing, I also invite yo to liberally refer to the
GLOSSARY for definitions of many of the the
business terms used in this book. I think you
will find it to be very helpful, and informative, as
an aid in helping you to more completely understanding
and learning from "The Hamburger Story
of Investing".